Week 9: Conversation with a Classmate- Jasmine Nguyen


Jasmynn is 20 years old and is studying Child Development. This is her third year at CSULB and she is unsure of what she wants to do with her career but she does know for a fact that she wants to work with disabled kids. Jasmynn has 5 siblings and her favorite hobby is shopping. I can totally relate because one of my favorite hobby is shopping as well, and I love it! I mean who doesn’t right? If any of you peeps like to party, make sure you party with Jasmynn because she pledges in a sorority and they know how to party for sure, having some fun won’t hurt after all. And for the question of the week: After visiting many galleries and seeing the artists different art pieces, what is your favorite type (painting, sculpture, installation, Performance Art, Art Education, Public Art, Social Practice, New Media, etc.) and why? Jasmynn stated that her favorite type is instillation because it is more captivating and engaging to the audience. Make sure to visit and follow her page @jasmynnkae.com.


Week 8: Conversation with an Artist- Mimi Haddon


This week I met Mimi Haddon in the Merlino Gallery. Mimi graduated from CSULB in 1994 with a Graphic Design degree and has returned to get her MFA. Mimi stated that she uses fiber to create artifacts from an imaginary world. Mimi strongly believes that working with your hands to create art or something, is a very meditative process. Because Mimi is fascinated with fibers she did her artwork on fibers, which took her roughly about a month. She went to goodwill and bought 100 t-shirts and used every part of the shirt even the tags. It took her a while to compose her artwork because she had to cut, stretch, and put together the strips and shreds into the final product. I was fascinated by her work because it was so creative and it and made me wonder if I can do that as well, but I realized I can not do it because I am not creative at all. I enjoyed walking through this art gallery and viewing her art. It was something new, something AMAZING!

Week 8 Conversation with a Classmate- Jennifer Rodriguez “Jen Rod”

Image IMG_0551

Hello everyone I have decided to do the conversation with a classmate with the famous JenRod aka my sister.

Jennifer Rodriguez is one of the toughest female I have ever met. She sets her mind to something and she accomplishes her goal without hesitation and without doubts. The reason why I say she is one of the toughest female is because she is a single mother of a little 4 year old boy and she continues to strive regardless of the obstacles she faces. I am saying stuff I already know about her so I am going to ask her questions that I wouldn’t know the answers to. Let the fun begin guys!

If you can change something about the world what would it be?

SHOOTINGS! She would ban the ownership of guns.

If you where to change your race, what would it be? Why

“Hmmm thats a good question because I want to be everything.” Hmmm she would be creole because miss Jen thinks she was black in her past life. Do you guys hear that hahahah? She loves the African American culture and has always talked about them in a positive way.

If you lived in another state what would it be? Why?

She would live in Hawaii because she loves the beaches and there look of nature.

If you can choose your own name at birth what would it be?

Evony because she fucken likes it

If you had 3 wishes what would they be?

To be happily successful, have her dream body, and to be immune

I asked Jen the question of the week: After visiting the galleries and seeing different art work, how does anything you see in this work of art remind you of something else you have seen or experienced?

She loved the playground because it reminded her of her childhood which was the number one place she would always be. I can actually relate because when I was as young as I can remember I would always chase and follow Jen around because as a younger sister, who doesn’t want to be like their older sister. And guess the place where Jen would go? The playground! I would expect her to go to a new place everyday but I was wrong. It was the PLAYGROUND.

Week 8 Activity- Art Writing and Editing

I know my writing is not perfect but it has definitely improved. The three technical mistakes I found on my blog were punctuation, run- on sentences and diction. I tend to miss commas in certain places and have bad word structure, which causes the reader to reread. I was not able to find conceptual errors and to make sure I had my older sister Jen edit my post and point out any additional mistakes I did not catch the first time.

I think some effective aspects of the blog were that I asked personal questions and I tried to understand the artist on the personal level so I can understand her art and the reasons why she drew certain paintings. For the general audience I would say to try and ask personal questions because it really helps when writing about the artist and there is more to learn than the art. Another way to write clear and stronger pieces is to have someone edit your post before submitting it because if there is no proofreading there is a lot of mistakes.

Week 8 Activity- Art Writing and Editing (Classmate Stephanie Chang)


*The picture for this activity was a picture of your dinner and this is what I had for dinner. This is so unhealthy but when you’re a college student doing homework late night at the school’s library on a Sunday night, everything you eat tastes so healthy and delicious. I promise starting tomorrow (Monday) I’ll start my diet hahahahah. Maybe… *

I decided to do the Art Writing and Editing because I did not have time to upload the app to my phone. This has been the busiest week because I had multiple lengthy papers to turn in, and study for my CRJU 301 Courts in America class that almost kicked me in the butt. It was a 15 multiple choice, 15 short responses, and an essay question that had to be a minimum of 3 pages long. Although I was not able to do the somebody app I know I missed out because I seen the snaps that my friend “Calexico” and my sister Jen post looking for the person that they were suppose to deliver the message to. It looked pretty funny because professor Glenn, Jen, and “Calexico” were all looking for the same person to deliver the message to, but they were not able to find her, it’s like they were all on a mission only that they didn’t complete the mission. I am a bit bummed because the commercial that was shown in class on Tuesday about the Somebody app was catchy and it was something new, something that not many people use, something that I wanted to try, an app that actually required the user to move and walk around rather then sitting down and being lazy. I just want to thank professor Glenn for offering this alternative because I know I was not the only person not able to do the somebody app and this alternative is really helpful.

I am going to edit Stephanie Chang’s blog post about an artist that she wrote about on Week 7- Jane Weibel. On the second paragraph were Stephanie writes the sentence, “ Jane played around with the concept of memory, and how the brain works in remembering these details”, is a sentence that can be a bit more clear about how the artist played with the concept of the memory or what techniques the artist used to overcome that concept. In my opinion Stephanie’s post is actually one of the best posts I have read so far. Her grammar, diction, and everything else are correct and I am not able to find any mistakes. Or it is probably that I am not a great editor and there are multiple mistakes everywhere and I am not able to notice it. Stephanie’s post is simple and contains majority of the information needed about the artist, it is straightforward and gets to the point without talking in circles, and she also provides one of her social media information such as the artisit’s Instagram name.

The most effective aspect of the blog was how clear Stephanie’s writing was because I have come across blogs that do not make sense due to poor diction and grammar mistakes etc. And for the general audience I would suggest for the writer to go back and reread their post once they have finished composing it because many students including myself commit the mistake of not going back and editing their post not knowing they have multiple mistakes that could have been prevented by simply going back and editing their post.

Week 7 Activity: Ephemeral Art




IMG_0510I was really excited about this activity because I use snapchat on the daily basis and I knew it was going to be fun seeing what my classmates put on their story, however I do not use the face drawing so it was going to be something new. I am use to seeing my friend’s story all the time but this time was different because I got to see different snaps from different people. No one from class added me which was sad but it’s ok because I added a bunch of people.

The picture on the left side about the evil dog was taken by Armando De La Mora, Jr., his snapchat name is “tapatioandchips”, you guys should go add him in case you haven’t done so. This picture was pretty funny and thoughtful because I own a dog and I didn’t think about taking a picture of my dog Dory and drawing something silly.

I really do apologize for the next picture about the cute little boy in a cape because I screenshot it but I do not remember from who. This picture reminds me a lot about my little 4 year nephew because I always snap pictures of him and record him saying silly stuff like verses in French or I zoom my camera so I can get a funny picture of his face expressions.

The following picture belongs to a person with the user name of Nana O-D. This picture is not a drawing but rather a filter or effect from snapchat. I thought this effect was scary and cool at the same time because I am a scary person and I get scared about anything even of the dark. When I walk in the dark I think a monster is behind me ready to touch my shoulder and I just panic. It probably sounds ridiculous but I can’t help it. Anyway I thought it was pretty cool.

The last picture on the right is my nephew Roger. I took that picture and I decided to draw random stuff with random colors. I usually do no take the time to do face drawings on snapchat and I actually enjoyed taking the time to do it because I felt like a little kid again. Overall, I enjoyed this activity because I use snapchat regularly and after this I am thinking of using the drawing effects more often. I think Instagram, Periscope, and Snapchat all relate in the sense that people know what you’re doing either through a picture or through a video. They are all very different because when you post a picture on Instagram, the picture will remain on your profile for as long as you want to keep it there, but on the other hand, when you post a picture on Snapchat the picture will remain on your story for 24 hours. And for Periscope, the whole world can see what you are doing through a video rather than only your selected friends which seems more vivid in contrast of just a picture. I am more of a picture person so I like Instagram and Snapchat equally and I somewhat dislike periscope although it was fun as long as I didn’t have to do the recording.

Week 7: Conversation with a Classmate- Kiro Taros


Kiro is probably one of the awesomest person I have meet so far. He can be a little weird sometimes because when he says a joke he does not laugh about it and it makes question if it was a joke or not or if he is being serious or not because he does not laugh but other than that he is cool. Kiro’s ethnicity is Egyptian, has two siblings an older and younger sister. I asked if his older sister attended CSULB and he said yes, he asked how did I know and I said I can relate because my older sister also attends CSULB -GO BEACH! He is a second year bio and premed major and I asked if he is excited about his major because I  know it is very challenging and extremely difficult and he said he is very excited because he loves helping others and if things go as planned he would like to make a difference in this world because he wants to pursue a doctor career. Kiro’s hobbies include hanging out with friends, playing sports such as volleyball and basketball, playing pool, ping pong, he enjoys driving and cruising around, he loves the beach, and he enjoys eating a lot. I asked if he would dye his hair a certain color what color would it be, and he said he would never dye his hair because it is really unprofessional because if he went to an interview, the interviewers would be quick to judge and not appoint him the job. He then later said if he had to, it would be neon green so he can stand out. Kiro’s Instagram is @kirooo_t so make sure to follow him guys.