Week 11 Activity- LBG Extra Credit


When there is an activity to do in Professor’s Glenn class, the little gang as in “Calexico”, “JenRod” and me (Stef) all go together because it is way funner to do it as a group than alone. So after I was finished with my first shift, working on campus we all decided to go on a little geocaching scavenger hunt. We were all excited because this was our first time doing an activity like this. So the first geocache we found belonged to Professor Glenn. It was a bit confusing and hard because Jen’s phone kept redirecting us and I tried using my phone and it was doing the same thing. Finding the first geocache only triggered a feeling of excitement and determination to find many more.

If we thought the first geocaching was challenging, the second one was super challenging because the coordinates were listed wrong. We did not know that until “JenRod” clicked on the “more details” link on the appimg_1785 and she read on the comments below that other people had posted. We were searching at the parking lot near Merriam Way which is across from the blue pyramid, but we later found out that it was actually inside the parking structure down Merriam Way to the left hand side. Because we all know how hectic it is to walk around campus and the heat on Friday noon was a bit heavy, we just drove there, got out and looked for it. “Calexico” was the one who found this geocache. We were all pumped and ready to find as many as we could.

For our third geocache we searched for one called “CSU- ET”. I know where the ET building is on img_1787campus and I assumed it would be near or inside that building but the map indicated that it was hidden under the pyramid. People posted pictures of the location and how it was suppose to look like. It was a black box, looking like a “key” box but unfortunately we never found it. We spend over half an hour searching for it and I had faith we were going to find it because we had luck with the first two but we did not have luck for this third one. Although we did not find it, I thought I should still record it for proof.

We (Calexico and I) still felt motivated to continue with the search but “JenRod” on the other hand took a seat under the pyramid because she was upset and disappointed because we couldn’t find another geocache. “Calexico” and I were off to the side doing dumb stuff as always, and as were standing and talking we hear Jen say something and yell. She claimed she had found another geocache and as she reached down to pick it up “Calexico” and I ran towards her. Indeed, it was another geocache and this one was not the one we were looking for before because it was named differently. The one we could not find was called “CSU-ET” and the one Jen found was named “Money Box” which belonged to one of our classmate named Calvin Ho Nguyen. Just as we were all ready to give up, Jen found one and the moral of this activity is “NEVER GIVE UP”, and it does not only apply to this activity but we should also apply it to our personal life.


img_1788We were all a bit tired from the searching of geocaches so we went back to the app to check if there was another geocache near us and luckily there was. It was named “Long Beach Computer Science Building” and it was near the engineering building in the science building which required us to walk a little so we just decided to drive there because Jen had somewhere to be. We read the “About”, “Activity”, and “Waypoints” so that we can get a better location of where the geocache would be placed. After reading and gathering some hints we knew where it would be so we all walked there. Sadly the geocache was already removed and a lot of other people had written the same thing in the app. We came to the conclusion that the geocache was taken by someone else because it said “xoxo” so we just called it a day and went back to “Calexico’s” dorm because she was going to get her stuff so she can sleepover our home. This has been an eventful week and hope to get many more. After all, we only have 5 weeks left of school which means our time with the best professor is coming to an end (SIKE), we will still visit hm and bug him. TOODLES! img_1792



Week 11: Conversation with Artist- Kathy Yoon

img_0244Kathy Yoon’s gallery was titled “So Many Me’s” located in the Gatov East Gallery. Kathy is a Ceramics major and she has been in the ceramics department for 3 years and is currently a senior at Cal State Long Beach. Sadly, she did not take ceramics during high school because it was not offered, it was in college when she discovered ceramics. She was originally going to  major in math but after her first couple of years in community college she felt that it was not what she really wanted to do.

As some of my classmates have mentioned, the work of Kathy reminded me of the movie of The Nightmare Before Christmas fullsizerender-13but the her art work was more captivating than the movie. Kathy says that all the characters that were in the gallery reflect her different moods and each character is a different memory and time in her life as well as a different mood from happiness to sadness to even anger. Each of Kathy’s art pieces took about 2 to 3 weeks to compose. She used two different colors of clay (red and white), and stripped coil.

It would be common for the audience to think that Kathy’s art pieces were always captivating and capture so much emotion, but she actually started making animal figures however she was not satisfied with what she had been composing because she did not feel the direct connection between her and her artwork. I enjoyed visiting Kathy’s gallery because she conveyed her meaning and emotions through her art and it gives me the chills when I can feel what the artist was feeling while composing her artwork. img_0247

If you want to check our more art work by Kathy you can always follow her on Instagram: Kathy.C.Yoon

Week 11 Activity- Fiber Art


Hello guys. So this activity was not as simple as it seemed because for one I do not know how to embroid and it was also time consuming because it was my first time. My mom does a lot of embroidery while she watches her “novela” and drinks her cup of tea or coffee. I asked her if she can teach me how to embroid and she was surprised and confused at the same time because she knows I do not have time for small hobbies or pastimes because I am either working or doing homework, I then explained it was for an activity for my art class assignment. She did not have any plain white cloths, all she had was a white cloth with blue embroidery on the edges that she had done. I used four different colors to do a flower and the more colors that are used, the more difficult it gets. I used pink for the leaves and part of the steam, green for the seam, yellow for the middle of the flower and black for outlining parts of the flower. It was a bit confusing at first but as I did more of it, it was starting to become easy and I would commit less errors.

My parents try to be resourceful and put things together that will be necessary in our home like a tortilla holder hahaha sounds funny or pathetic but a tortilla holder is essential in a hispanic home. I embroided flowers onto the piece of cloth so that it won’t be so plain and boring, and when guest come over to our home, they actually acknowledge embroidery because it can be hard and it is something cultural. I actually learned that not everything needs to be purchased at a store, you can make it out of your own hands but many people like myself who do not have free time will prefer to go to the store and buy it. I think it was a pretty successful intent because the results came out as I wanted them to come, and it is actually not that hard it simply demands for dedication and time, like any other art. I think the idea of Fiber Art is unique and will always be viewed as a women’s hobby or even profession but I think it shouldn’t be viewed that way because many people regardless of gender can compose a Fiber Art. People mainly view it as a women’s “thing” because Fiber Art increased during the ear of War World II and that idea remained in many people’s thoughts and beliefs which I think is not right because activities should not be labeled only for a male or a female.

Week 11: Conversation with Classmate- Kristine Anne Dueno


This week I got the chance to speak with Kristine Dueno. Kristine is a Film major at Cal State Long Beach. She is 27 years old and lives in Rancho Cucamonga. It is rare to hear females say they like playing video games because it is usually a guy thing, but Kristine loves playing video games which I find really cool and she also enjoys watching T.V shows and documentaries. Although science is not related to Kristine’s major, she enjoys learning about science and being knowledgable about the scientific findings and scientific stuff that is going on in the world. Kristine enjoys playing jazz and the piano. She has played the piano since she was a little girl which is another thing I find awesome because I have always wanted to learn how to play the piano. Sadly my parents never introduced the practice of playing an instrument but on the other hand they did introduce sports and being active.

As for the question of the week “Tattoos is basically art, so if you could/would get a tattoo, what would it be?”- Kristine stated she would get a sleeve of studio Ghibli characters because they make up a great part of her nostalgic childhood. She also mentioned that if art is a way people communicate by symbols events and things, tattoos are art. People like to get tattoos because they look or the feel or the commemoration to someone they love.

Week 10: Conversation with Classmate- Ryan Bravo AKA “Tishon Prieto”


Hello everyone. Meet my buddy Ryan. Ryan is awesome because he is a Criminal Justice major just like myself. He is also minoring in Psychology and Forensics Science which I find cool because I’ve been thinking in minoring in Forensic Science as well. He stated that he wants to be in the Law Enforcement field but in the Homicide department. His favorite hobbies include snowboarding, surfing, going to the gym, playing basketball, and hanging out with friends and family. His favorite color is blue and gray. And as for the question of the week: Ryan stated that he would like to visit Argentina because he would like to surf on the beautiful beaches, because of the attractions (I should have asked for what kind attractions… crap I messed up), and learn about the different cultures of Argentina. If any of you guys come across Ryan don’t be shy and have a conversation with the dude.

Week 10: Artist Conversation- Emma Hankin


Emma Hankin’s art show took place in the Dr. Marcine Merlino Gallery this week. She is 23 years old and is from Agoura Hills approximately 45 minutes away from Los Angeles. Emma stated she has been doing art since senior year of high school after she had an injury while playing sports. She has a BA in arts from CSULB and she is now finishing her last year in the BFA program at the greatest university of course, Long Beach State (Go Beach!). Her parent’s career influenced and led her to obtain her career as an artist because being around the work of an architect and an interior designer had an impact on her. Emma stated that her biggest enjoyment is in the area of textures.

Emma loves to break down structures and observe the textures they have inside like tress or things from nature because those kinds of things are more challenging and have different components. The reason she likes to break down structures is because she likes comparing the outside structure to the inside. Emma’s work was a bit different from previous galleries. She showed silkscreen on tissue, purses made out of yarn, monotype, and photo-plate lithograph.


There were two monotype pieces that did not have a name but had the same figure and image but with different colors and different size and position. As I kept walking down the gallery towards the back of the room, I saw a purse hanging down from the wall and an image drawn of the same exact purse. Emma stated that she likes to yarn from time to time and her grandmother actually taught her how to knit when she was 9 years old.

Week 9: Artist Conversation- Maccabee Shelley


img_1457-1This week at the Max L. Gatov Gallery West, Maccabee Shelley’s art opened the eyes of the audience because his art pieces were very different and in my eyes his art contained so much passion. The base of his pieces were either cones, suitcases, or books and the actual raw material was plastic, glass, and paint. He stated that he has melted grass and has used it as paint and he also gets stuff to do his art pieces from the thrift store, garage sale, or he buys it.

As a kid, Maccabee was not creative or artistic, but was actually interested in something different like science. When he started college his major was Environmental Science. During college he casually took a sculpture class as an elective and would not take it seriously. As years passed by, he noticed that he constantly enrolled himself in sculpture classes and he found enjoyment without him fully knowing it. He later decided to let go of his major and pursue art as his major. Maccabee did not necessarily waste his time when he decided to drop Environmental Science because he actually incorporated his old major into his artwork.

I found his artwork very heart warming in a way because the message he sent to the audience was very captivating and his artwork was very beautiful. His art was also very different because he didn’t use paint, clay, oil paint, lipstick, etc. but rather materials that we use in our everyday lives.

For more artwork by Maccabee Shelley visit his website at: http://www.maccabeeshelley.com