Week 14- Conversation with a Classmate:Jacquelin Tester and Rosanna Ramirez

Our classmate conversations, hanging out at the art galleries and having the chance to look at great art, and just hanging out and chatting has come to an end. I just want to say that this class has been the best class I have ever taken. Professor Glenn is an awesome professor and I hope to continue to stay in contact with him :). (Just look at how awesome his hair is… one of a kind. Now his hair is art hahah!)


Anyway this week I had the chance to interview an awesome pair of girls who I believe are George Estephan’s friends because they were all together. I might be mistaken but I just wanted to point that out in case any of you fellow classmates see them together. The first person I conversed with was Jacquelin Tester. Ms. Tester is 19 years old and is a pre nursing major. During her spare time she enjoys watching movies, listening to music, going to concerts, running but only once in a while because she does not always feel like running and the most interesting facts about her is that she has sky dived and she has also flown a plane which I believe are awesome because it takes a lot of courage to jump off a plane that is hundreds of feet off the ground and it also takes courage to fly a plane because she is risking her life and others as well. Either way I still think that is incredible and awesome. She loves photography, and I would say it is her passion because the way she stated her statement about loving to take photographs gave the impression that she truly enjoys it and loves it. Hansal Adams is her biggest influence as a photographer and as a person as well.


Lets start off going left to right. To the far left it is Jacquelin Tester, Rosanna Ramirez, then of course me, and lastly the lovely George Estephan at the right.

The second person I interviewed was Rosanna Ramirez. She is 19 years old and is an undeclared major although she is interested in film and studio art but as if right now, she is still unsure. An interesting fact about her that I found cool is that she has a twin. I think it is cool because I usually do not hear that often and her twin is also older than her by 2-3 minutes. Her hobbies include hanging out with friends, going to the beach, eating, spending time with family, playing the guitar, and going to Mexico. She really loves going to concerts that take place in Mexico and she also stated that she is planning her next concert, which she will be going alone. I think its awesome going to concerts out of the country but it also terrifies me personally because I often hear a lot of stories about people abducting young girls in Mexico, and I have to consider going to the border just to eat tacos. She has gone many other times to Mexico for concerts, so I am pretty sure she will have lots of fun and she will return back safely. She said that music is her favorite type of art because it has introduced her to new people and friends and it has also helped her express how she feels.


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