Week 13- Classmate Conversation: George Estephan


This week I had the chance to talk to George Estephan. I love meeting new classmates every week and chatting with them because you learn so much about a person’s life. It might not be a whole lot, or it might be simple facts but it is still fun and it is amazing what great goals and expectations people have for themselves. George is 19 years old and is a second year at CSULB and commutes to school because he lives in Downey. He is an undeclared major at the moment because he is not sure what he wants to study however he is figuring out if he wants to go into Communication or Fashion Design. George mentioned that if he does not continue to go to school at Long Beach State he will go to Cosmetology School because it is something he sees himself doing.

George enjoys playing billiards/pool, going to the beach with friends and hanging out, going to new restaurants and tasting different food, and going to the club. Something interesting I found out about George is that he works on his own music. With that being said he writes, produces, and records music which takes a lot of time and patients. George is working on a project and is soon going to release an album of his own titled “The Revelation” and the album is about everything George has opened his eyes about and major lessons he has learned throughout life. The topics his songs are about include love, shadiness/backstabbing, hate, religion, sex, social issues and other topics. In 10 years, George sees himself working in a profession that he truly enjoys and living a happy life because without these two major goals are more important than being married with kids because without happiness, nothing isn’t right. “My definition of art 13 weeks ago was any form of expression that you portray to people. I would say that my definition of now is pretty much the same, since I really have learned that art can be any form of expression, material, and any meaning.


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