Week 13- Artist Conversation: Tyler Turett

This week’s artist conversation was with Tyler Turett. He is currently finishing his last semester at CSULB and he is passionate about animation. He first started his education at a Community College in drawing illustrations but he realized he was not all that excited and passionate about what he was doing. He then found what he enjoyed doing the most and later transferred to CSULB.


He has always admired Disney films, which are now his inspirations because he aims to create animations similar to those of Disney movies. Tyler knows that his work is not similar like the illustrations of Disney because they share different characters and Tyler portrays visual comedy, which makes his illustrations a bit different.


Tyler used to sketch his creations on paper trying to create something like a flipbook then he started using cintiqs instead of paper. He now uses cintqs because it is easier to use and it is less work because he is able to do multiple sketches without having to go through the process of transferring his final work.

Tyler started as in inter at Trip Tang and he is now an employee for them. Something that not all artists have the opportunity to do is to go on MTV show because like Tyler, because his work is amazing.


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