Week 12: Conversation with Artist- Christopher Linquata


What’s up guys! This week I got to talk to Christopher Linquata at the Gatov-West Gallery. The name of his gallery was “Sacred and Profane.” Christopher and another artist had a joint gallery but unfortunately the other artist was not able to make it to the gallery. Chris is 38 years old and is majoring in Representational Drawing and Painting, finishing up his last semester.


I was surprised about how much time it took him to compose his art. Chris stated it took him 5-6 months to prepare and get everything together and in addition a few more months to do the actual paintings. What I really liked about his gallery was that his paintings were extremely big and very vivid. The setting of his paintings seemed familiar like Venice Beach or something because of the graffiti wall, but I asked Chris where the setting of his pictures took place and he said it was in Sunken City in San Pedro. Christopher said his paintings represent mythological and religious stories, but they are representational meaning they are subject to interpretation of the audience.


I really enjoyed walking through Christopher’s gallery because it had so much detail and expressed a message of joy and adventure. Christopher’s paintings remind me of times when I would hang out with my boyfriend and friend and friends at the beach just being goofy and having a good time. We were all practically beach bums this past summer and were their almost every weekend. Here is his Instagram link to check out more of his beautiful art work: https://www.instagram.com/icon5350/



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