Week 12 Activity- ePortfolio


For this activity we had to create our own ePortfolio. To do so we had to change our website to create a web page that showcases our aspirations, interests, or major goals. Something I am extremely passionate about are sports that have to do with water like water polo, swimming, surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and so on. I have also worked with mentally disabled, impaired communication and social interaction, and physically disabled kids by giving them swim lessons and therapy. I decided to turn my website to a blog/business site.


Working with mentally challenged children is an honor and it feels amazing working with them because most of the time they are in bed all day. I say it from experience because I use to work with them either by lifeguarding while they were in the pool or actually instructing them and after each lesson I would feel so proud because I helped them and made a change in their life. I would like to change my website’s appearance and add a bubble/ocean theme in the background and post pictures of the children who have made improvement and give them a reward. Not only pictures of children who have improved but all the children and their parents.

I want my website to serve parents who have disabled children because offering water therapy and swim lessons might be the only exercise they get and can help calm the children’s anxiety or nervous system. I will change the theme of my website later and I will actually continue to use this website later in my future.


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