Week 17: Conversation with Classmate- Kim Phan

Hello everyone, meet my buddy Kim Phan.


Kim is on her second year studying Health Science. She decided to major in Health Science because it is a bit more easier than Nursing. She mentioned that Nursing is a very difficult major and there aren’t many jobs except nursing, in contrast to Health Science, which have a variety of jobs and opens doors to other jobs like being a doctor or a pharmacist and many other jobs. She said she can get any job that is related to the medical field, and she does not have a preference at this moment, but that is the good thing about being a Health Science major because there will be endless opportunities. Ever since she was a little girl she always knew what she wanted to study and build a career in, and now that the intense, vivid doctor show came up, referring to  “Grey’s Anatomy”, has sparked a bigger interest in the subject she is studying. Kim does not have a job at this moment because her parents are lenient and supply her with everything she needs, as long as she goes to school and gets good grades. I can relate to that because at the beginning of my first semester in college, my parents said the same thing but I also have an older sister that goes to college as well “JenRod” and I knew there were just too many expenses to cover, so I decided to find a part time job that eventually turned into a full-time job and it has saved my life by paying house bills and paying off my expenses. Anyway this is not about me its about Kim, so lets get back on track. Kim is the youngest of 3 siblings, 2 older brothers and one older sister. Kim hates hiking because the first time she hiked, was a 10 mile hike with converse shoes, and if there are any hikers out there, you guys would know in how much pain her feet were in, but on the other hand she loves traveling and eating at new restaurants almost every day because she does not like eating at a restaurant twice. So if any of you guys want to try out a new restaurant, make sure you check with Kim first because I am pretty sure she knows almost all the restaurants around campus or in West Minister because that is her hometown, which is not too far from CSULB.

And as for the questions of the week: What color calms you and what color activates you? Kim said that green and blue calm her because green is the color of mother nature and the grass and trees. All of these elements are green which makes her want to lay on the grass and just relax as well as for blue because the sky is blue and when she lays on the grass and looks up at the blue sky, she feels calm and very relaxed. She said that the color pink activates her because she feels girly, happy and makes her want to go shopping which I totally agree with. Neon colors also activate her because it reminds her of dancing at music festivals which she also loves. Hope you guys enjoyed learning a few facts about Kim and make sure you talk to her before the semester ends.


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