Week 11: Conversation with Classmate- Kristine Anne Dueno


This week I got the chance to speak with Kristine Dueno. Kristine is a Film major at Cal State Long Beach. She is 27 years old and lives in Rancho Cucamonga. It is rare to hear females say they like playing video games because it is usually a guy thing, but Kristine loves playing video games which I find really cool and she also enjoys watching T.V shows and documentaries. Although science is not related to Kristine’s major, she enjoys learning about science and being knowledgable about the scientific findings and scientific stuff that is going on in the world. Kristine enjoys playing jazz and the piano. She has played the piano since she was a little girl which is another thing I find awesome because I have always wanted to learn how to play the piano. Sadly my parents never introduced the practice of playing an instrument but on the other hand they did introduce sports and being active.

As for the question of the week “Tattoos is basically art, so if you could/would get a tattoo, what would it be?”- Kristine stated she would get a sleeve of studio Ghibli characters because they make up a great part of her nostalgic childhood. She also mentioned that if art is a way people communicate by symbols events and things, tattoos are art. People like to get tattoos because they look or the feel or the commemoration to someone they love.


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