Week 11: Conversation with Artist- Kathy Yoon

img_0244Kathy Yoon’s gallery was titled “So Many Me’s” located in the Gatov East Gallery. Kathy is a Ceramics major and she has been in the ceramics department for 3 years and is currently a senior at Cal State Long Beach. Sadly, she did not take ceramics during high school because it was not offered, it was in college when she discovered ceramics. She was originally going to  major in math but after her first couple of years in community college she felt that it was not what she really wanted to do.

As some of my classmates have mentioned, the work of Kathy reminded me of the movie of The Nightmare Before Christmas fullsizerender-13but the her art work was more captivating than the movie. Kathy says that all the characters that were in the gallery reflect her different moods and each character is a different memory and time in her life as well as a different mood from happiness to sadness to even anger. Each of Kathy’s art pieces took about 2 to 3 weeks to compose. She used two different colors of clay (red and white), and stripped coil.

It would be common for the audience to think that Kathy’s art pieces were always captivating and capture so much emotion, but she actually started making animal figures however she was not satisfied with what she had been composing because she did not feel the direct connection between her and her artwork. I enjoyed visiting Kathy’s gallery because she conveyed her meaning and emotions through her art and it gives me the chills when I can feel what the artist was feeling while composing her artwork. img_0247

If you want to check our more art work by Kathy you can always follow her on Instagram: Kathy.C.Yoon


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