Week 11 Activity- LBG Extra Credit


When there is an activity to do in Professor’s Glenn class, the little gang as in “Calexico”, “JenRod” and me (Stef) all go together because it is way funner to do it as a group than alone. So after I was finished with my first shift, working on campus we all decided to go on a little geocaching scavenger hunt. We were all excited because this was our first time doing an activity like this. So the first geocache we found belonged to Professor Glenn. It was a bit confusing and hard because Jen’s phone kept redirecting us and I tried using my phone and it was doing the same thing. Finding the first geocache only triggered a feeling of excitement and determination to find many more.

If we thought the first geocaching was challenging, the second one was super challenging because the coordinates were listed wrong. We did not know that until “JenRod” clicked on the “more details” link on the appimg_1785 and she read on the comments below that other people had posted. We were searching at the parking lot near Merriam Way which is across from the blue pyramid, but we later found out that it was actually inside the parking structure down Merriam Way to the left hand side. Because we all know how hectic it is to walk around campus and the heat on Friday noon was a bit heavy, we just drove there, got out and looked for it. “Calexico” was the one who found this geocache. We were all pumped and ready to find as many as we could.

For our third geocache we searched for one called “CSU- ET”. I know where the ET building is on img_1787campus and I assumed it would be near or inside that building but the map indicated that it was hidden under the pyramid. People posted pictures of the location and how it was suppose to look like. It was a black box, looking like a “key” box but unfortunately we never found it. We spend over half an hour searching for it and I had faith we were going to find it because we had luck with the first two but we did not have luck for this third one. Although we did not find it, I thought I should still record it for proof.

We (Calexico and I) still felt motivated to continue with the search but “JenRod” on the other hand took a seat under the pyramid because she was upset and disappointed because we couldn’t find another geocache. “Calexico” and I were off to the side doing dumb stuff as always, and as were standing and talking we hear Jen say something and yell. She claimed she had found another geocache and as she reached down to pick it up “Calexico” and I ran towards her. Indeed, it was another geocache and this one was not the one we were looking for before because it was named differently. The one we could not find was called “CSU-ET” and the one Jen found was named “Money Box” which belonged to one of our classmate named Calvin Ho Nguyen. Just as we were all ready to give up, Jen found one and the moral of this activity is “NEVER GIVE UP”, and it does not only apply to this activity but we should also apply it to our personal life.


img_1788We were all a bit tired from the searching of geocaches so we went back to the app to check if there was another geocache near us and luckily there was. It was named “Long Beach Computer Science Building” and it was near the engineering building in the science building which required us to walk a little so we just decided to drive there because Jen had somewhere to be. We read the “About”, “Activity”, and “Waypoints” so that we can get a better location of where the geocache would be placed. After reading and gathering some hints we knew where it would be so we all walked there. Sadly the geocache was already removed and a lot of other people had written the same thing in the app. We came to the conclusion that the geocache was taken by someone else because it said “xoxo” so we just called it a day and went back to “Calexico’s” dorm because she was going to get her stuff so she can sleepover our home. This has been an eventful week and hope to get many more. After all, we only have 5 weeks left of school which means our time with the best professor is coming to an end (SIKE), we will still visit hm and bug him. TOODLES! img_1792



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