Week 11 Activity- Fiber Art


Hello guys. So this activity was not as simple as it seemed because for one I do not know how to embroid and it was also time consuming because it was my first time. My mom does a lot of embroidery while she watches her “novela” and drinks her cup of tea or coffee. I asked her if she can teach me how to embroid and she was surprised and confused at the same time because she knows I do not have time for small hobbies or pastimes because I am either working or doing homework, I then explained it was for an activity for my art class assignment. She did not have any plain white cloths, all she had was a white cloth with blue embroidery on the edges that she had done. I used four different colors to do a flower and the more colors that are used, the more difficult it gets. I used pink for the leaves and part of the steam, green for the seam, yellow for the middle of the flower and black for outlining parts of the flower. It was a bit confusing at first but as I did more of it, it was starting to become easy and I would commit less errors.

My parents try to be resourceful and put things together that will be necessary in our home like a tortilla holder hahaha sounds funny or pathetic but a tortilla holder is essential in a hispanic home. I embroided flowers onto the piece of cloth so that it won’t be so plain and boring, and when guest come over to our home, they actually acknowledge embroidery because it can be hard and it is something cultural. I actually learned that not everything needs to be purchased at a store, you can make it out of your own hands but many people like myself who do not have free time will prefer to go to the store and buy it. I think it was a pretty successful intent because the results came out as I wanted them to come, and it is actually not that hard it simply demands for dedication and time, like any other art. I think the idea of Fiber Art is unique and will always be viewed as a women’s hobby or even profession but I think it shouldn’t be viewed that way because many people regardless of gender can compose a Fiber Art. People mainly view it as a women’s “thing” because Fiber Art increased during the ear of War World II and that idea remained in many people’s thoughts and beliefs which I think is not right because activities should not be labeled only for a male or a female.


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