Week 10: Artist Conversation- Emma Hankin


Emma Hankin’s art show took place in the Dr. Marcine Merlino Gallery this week. She is 23 years old and is from Agoura Hills approximately 45 minutes away from Los Angeles. Emma stated she has been doing art since senior year of high school after she had an injury while playing sports. She has a BA in arts from CSULB and she is now finishing her last year in the BFA program at the greatest university of course, Long Beach State (Go Beach!). Her parent’s career influenced and led her to obtain her career as an artist because being around the work of an architect and an interior designer had an impact on her. Emma stated that her biggest enjoyment is in the area of textures.

Emma loves to break down structures and observe the textures they have inside like tress or things from nature because those kinds of things are more challenging and have different components. The reason she likes to break down structures is because she likes comparing the outside structure to the inside. Emma’s work was a bit different from previous galleries. She showed silkscreen on tissue, purses made out of yarn, monotype, and photo-plate lithograph.


There were two monotype pieces that did not have a name but had the same figure and image but with different colors and different size and position. As I kept walking down the gallery towards the back of the room, I saw a purse hanging down from the wall and an image drawn of the same exact purse. Emma stated that she likes to yarn from time to time and her grandmother actually taught her how to knit when she was 9 years old.


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