Week 9: Artist Conversation- Maccabee Shelley


img_1457-1This week at the Max L. Gatov Gallery West, Maccabee Shelley’s art opened the eyes of the audience because his art pieces were very different and in my eyes his art contained so much passion. The base of his pieces were either cones, suitcases, or books and the actual raw material was plastic, glass, and paint. He stated that he has melted grass and has used it as paint and he also gets stuff to do his art pieces from the thrift store, garage sale, or he buys it.

As a kid, Maccabee was not creative or artistic, but was actually interested in something different like science. When he started college his major was Environmental Science. During college he casually took a sculpture class as an elective and would not take it seriously. As years passed by, he noticed that he constantly enrolled himself in sculpture classes and he found enjoyment without him fully knowing it. He later decided to let go of his major and pursue art as his major. Maccabee did not necessarily waste his time when he decided to drop Environmental Science because he actually incorporated his old major into his artwork.

I found his artwork very heart warming in a way because the message he sent to the audience was very captivating and his artwork was very beautiful. His art was also very different because he didn’t use paint, clay, oil paint, lipstick, etc. but rather materials that we use in our everyday lives.

For more artwork by Maccabee Shelley visit his website at: http://www.maccabeeshelley.com


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