Week 8: Conversation with an Artist- Mimi Haddon


This week I met Mimi Haddon in the Merlino Gallery. Mimi graduated from CSULB in 1994 with a Graphic Design degree and has returned to get her MFA. Mimi stated that she uses fiber to create artifacts from an imaginary world. Mimi strongly believes that working with your hands to create art or something, is a very meditative process. Because Mimi is fascinated with fibers she did her artwork on fibers, which took her roughly about a month. She went to goodwill and bought 100 t-shirts and used every part of the shirt even the tags. It took her a while to compose her artwork because she had to cut, stretch, and put together the strips and shreds into the final product. I was fascinated by her work because it was so creative and it and made me wonder if I can do that as well, but I realized I can not do it because I am not creative at all. I enjoyed walking through this art gallery and viewing her art. It was something new, something AMAZING!


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