Week 8 Conversation with a Classmate- Jennifer Rodriguez “Jen Rod”

Image IMG_0551

Hello everyone I have decided to do the conversation with a classmate with the famous JenRod aka my sister.

Jennifer Rodriguez is one of the toughest female I have ever met. She sets her mind to something and she accomplishes her goal without hesitation and without doubts. The reason why I say she is one of the toughest female is because she is a single mother of a little 4 year old boy and she continues to strive regardless of the obstacles she faces. I am saying stuff I already know about her so I am going to ask her questions that I wouldn’t know the answers to. Let the fun begin guys!

If you can change something about the world what would it be?

SHOOTINGS! She would ban the ownership of guns.

If you where to change your race, what would it be? Why

“Hmmm thats a good question because I want to be everything.” Hmmm she would be creole because miss Jen thinks she was black in her past life. Do you guys hear that hahahah? She loves the African American culture and has always talked about them in a positive way.

If you lived in another state what would it be? Why?

She would live in Hawaii because she loves the beaches and there look of nature.

If you can choose your own name at birth what would it be?

Evony because she fucken likes it

If you had 3 wishes what would they be?

To be happily successful, have her dream body, and to be immune

I asked Jen the question of the week: After visiting the galleries and seeing different art work, how does anything you see in this work of art remind you of something else you have seen or experienced?

She loved the playground because it reminded her of her childhood which was the number one place she would always be. I can actually relate because when I was as young as I can remember I would always chase and follow Jen around because as a younger sister, who doesn’t want to be like their older sister. And guess the place where Jen would go? The playground! I would expect her to go to a new place everyday but I was wrong. It was the PLAYGROUND.


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