Week 8 Activity- Art Writing and Editing

I know my writing is not perfect but it has definitely improved. The three technical mistakes I found on my blog were punctuation, run- on sentences and diction. I tend to miss commas in certain places and have bad word structure, which causes the reader to reread. I was not able to find conceptual errors and to make sure I had my older sister Jen edit my post and point out any additional mistakes I did not catch the first time.

I think some effective aspects of the blog were that I asked personal questions and I tried to understand the artist on the personal level so I can understand her art and the reasons why she drew certain paintings. For the general audience I would say to try and ask personal questions because it really helps when writing about the artist and there is more to learn than the art. Another way to write clear and stronger pieces is to have someone edit your post before submitting it because if there is no proofreading there is a lot of mistakes.


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