Week 8 Activity- Art Writing and Editing (Classmate Stephanie Chang)


*The picture for this activity was a picture of your dinner and this is what I had for dinner. This is so unhealthy but when you’re a college student doing homework late night at the school’s library on a Sunday night, everything you eat tastes so healthy and delicious. I promise starting tomorrow (Monday) I’ll start my diet hahahahah. Maybe… *

I decided to do the Art Writing and Editing because I did not have time to upload the app to my phone. This has been the busiest week because I had multiple lengthy papers to turn in, and study for my CRJU 301 Courts in America class that almost kicked me in the butt. It was a 15 multiple choice, 15 short responses, and an essay question that had to be a minimum of 3 pages long. Although I was not able to do the somebody app I know I missed out because I seen the snaps that my friend “Calexico” and my sister Jen post looking for the person that they were suppose to deliver the message to. It looked pretty funny because professor Glenn, Jen, and “Calexico” were all looking for the same person to deliver the message to, but they were not able to find her, it’s like they were all on a mission only that they didn’t complete the mission. I am a bit bummed because the commercial that was shown in class on Tuesday about the Somebody app was catchy and it was something new, something that not many people use, something that I wanted to try, an app that actually required the user to move and walk around rather then sitting down and being lazy. I just want to thank professor Glenn for offering this alternative because I know I was not the only person not able to do the somebody app and this alternative is really helpful.

I am going to edit Stephanie Chang’s blog post about an artist that she wrote about on Week 7- Jane Weibel. On the second paragraph were Stephanie writes the sentence, “ Jane played around with the concept of memory, and how the brain works in remembering these details”, is a sentence that can be a bit more clear about how the artist played with the concept of the memory or what techniques the artist used to overcome that concept. In my opinion Stephanie’s post is actually one of the best posts I have read so far. Her grammar, diction, and everything else are correct and I am not able to find any mistakes. Or it is probably that I am not a great editor and there are multiple mistakes everywhere and I am not able to notice it. Stephanie’s post is simple and contains majority of the information needed about the artist, it is straightforward and gets to the point without talking in circles, and she also provides one of her social media information such as the artisit’s Instagram name.

The most effective aspect of the blog was how clear Stephanie’s writing was because I have come across blogs that do not make sense due to poor diction and grammar mistakes etc. And for the general audience I would suggest for the writer to go back and reread their post once they have finished composing it because many students including myself commit the mistake of not going back and editing their post not knowing they have multiple mistakes that could have been prevented by simply going back and editing their post.


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