Week 7: Conversation with a Classmate- Kiro Taros


Kiro is probably one of the awesomest person I have meet so far. He can be a little weird sometimes because when he says a joke he does not laugh about it and it makes question if it was a joke or not or if he is being serious or not because he does not laugh but other than that he is cool. Kiro’s ethnicity is Egyptian, has two siblings an older and younger sister. I asked if his older sister attended CSULB and he said yes, he asked how did I know and I said I can relate because my older sister also attends CSULB -GO BEACH! He is a second year bio and premed major and I asked if he is excited about his major because I  know it is very challenging and extremely difficult and he said he is very excited because he loves helping others and if things go as planned he would like to make a difference in this world because he wants to pursue a doctor career. Kiro’s hobbies include hanging out with friends, playing sports such as volleyball and basketball, playing pool, ping pong, he enjoys driving and cruising around, he loves the beach, and he enjoys eating a lot. I asked if he would dye his hair a certain color what color would it be, and he said he would never dye his hair because it is really unprofessional because if he went to an interview, the interviewers would be quick to judge and not appoint him the job. He then later said if he had to, it would be neon green so he can stand out. Kiro’s Instagram is @kirooo_t so make sure to follow him guys.


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