Week 7 Activity: Ephemeral Art




IMG_0510I was really excited about this activity because I use snapchat on the daily basis and I knew it was going to be fun seeing what my classmates put on their story, however I do not use the face drawing so it was going to be something new. I am use to seeing my friend’s story all the time but this time was different because I got to see different snaps from different people. No one from class added me which was sad but it’s ok because I added a bunch of people.

The picture on the left side about the evil dog was taken by Armando De La Mora, Jr., his snapchat name is “tapatioandchips”, you guys should go add him in case you haven’t done so. This picture was pretty funny and thoughtful because I own a dog and I didn’t think about taking a picture of my dog Dory and drawing something silly.

I really do apologize for the next picture about the cute little boy in a cape because I screenshot it but I do not remember from who. This picture reminds me a lot about my little 4 year nephew because I always snap pictures of him and record him saying silly stuff like verses in French or I zoom my camera so I can get a funny picture of his face expressions.

The following picture belongs to a person with the user name of Nana O-D. This picture is not a drawing but rather a filter or effect from snapchat. I thought this effect was scary and cool at the same time because I am a scary person and I get scared about anything even of the dark. When I walk in the dark I think a monster is behind me ready to touch my shoulder and I just panic. It probably sounds ridiculous but I can’t help it. Anyway I thought it was pretty cool.

The last picture on the right is my nephew Roger. I took that picture and I decided to draw random stuff with random colors. I usually do no take the time to do face drawings on snapchat and I actually enjoyed taking the time to do it because I felt like a little kid again. Overall, I enjoyed this activity because I use snapchat regularly and after this I am thinking of using the drawing effects more often. I think Instagram, Periscope, and Snapchat all relate in the sense that people know what you’re doing either through a picture or through a video. They are all very different because when you post a picture on Instagram, the picture will remain on your profile for as long as you want to keep it there, but on the other hand, when you post a picture on Snapchat the picture will remain on your story for 24 hours. And for Periscope, the whole world can see what you are doing through a video rather than only your selected friends which seems more vivid in contrast of just a picture. I am more of a picture person so I like Instagram and Snapchat equally and I somewhat dislike periscope although it was fun as long as I didn’t have to do the recording.


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