Week 7: Conversation with an artist- Nora Ayala



“Art gives you a voice and people should not be sorry about feeling a certain way” were the words of Nora Ayala the 27 year old artist. Nora is on her last year in the masters Art program at CSULB. She does not use paint or oil painting but the material she used for most of her work was crilix water base and lipstick because most of her work is personal narration and it reflect her personality. She believes art is not offensive because art is dialogue and she thinks about the audience when composing her art because they are the main critics, in addition she thinks about her audience when she composes her art work. I was able to get Nora’s Instagram @norax_darko and her website is @greaterlamfa.com. The picture above is “JenRod” (left), then “Calexico”, Artist Nora, and I (Stefany) “Cool Cat” left. The picture on the left hand side is  drawing with lipstick. I was not able to get feedback about that drawing (I’m sorry) but it was a pretty cool picture.


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