Week 6: Conversation with a Classmate: Madeline “Maddie” Perez


Hello everyone, this week I meet an amazing gal named Madeline “Maddie” Perez. I have seen Maddie in my Political Science class which is after art class. When I seen her at the galleries I mentioned that I have seen her in Political Science and we clicked and soon started talking to each other. Maddie is a Hospitality Management major and plans to use her degree for event planning. She is very creative and talented and I believe she chose a good major because it suits her personality well. She is the youngest of her family, she has a 23 year old sister and a 21 year old brother and she is the youngest at 19 years old. As I was talking to Maddie i was not able to detect her ethnicity because she looked hispanic in a way but she then had beautiful green colored eyes, so I asked her ethnicity and she said she was half German and half Mexican which I find unique in a way because I usually don’t hear that combination of ethnicities (I thought it was awesome by the way). Maddie’s favorite hobbies is to hang out with grandma which I also find cute because my grandma passed away and I would do anything now to hang out with her, Maddie also loves to hang out with her boyfriend Michael which they have been dating for 1 almost 2 years. Maddie’s mood is determined by colors, if she is not feeling well she tends to wear dark colors like dark red or black, and she wears bright colors to church and when she is happy. Her favorite colors are any colors that have glitter, she said if glitter was a color, that would be her favorite color because she really likes it, she also likes light baby pink and dark red. I know dark red is her favorite color because majority of the time I see her wear dark red lipstick which also suits her very well because she is light skin with dark brown hair, and it makes her stand out. It was really nice chatting with Maddie, she is an awesome chick and if any of guys she her around, take the chance to talk to her.


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