Week 5 Activity: Enthography

(I am trying to insert a picture but for some reason I am not able to add media, i will keep trying)

This was a very challenging activity because I rely on electricity and going a day without electricity is probably the hardest thing to do. Before the sunlight went out I gathered my school work and put it on my homework desk and got a vanilla candle and lighter ready so I can be prepared and light the candle when there wasn’t anymore sunlight. The exciting and good part about this activity was that I was not alone my sister Jennifer “Jen Rod” Rodriguez was joining me because we both have this class. I was worried that I was going to get sleepy and be tempted to turn on the lights because when my brain detects darkness while doing homework, I turn on all the lights from my home to feel more awake and comfort. As I was reading for an assignment I had to do for my courts class (Criminal Justice), my eyes were shutting because although it was not late, the lights were off and relying for light on a candle made me more sleepy. I waited for my parents to get in their room because they were not comfortable walking around without light. I have a four year old nephew that leaves his toy cars everywhere and my parents didn’t want to hurt themselves in the dark.

The first time I had to use the restroom, I just got up from the chair and walked to the restroom ready to turn on the light, but seconds before I got to the restroom door my sister screams saying”don’t you dare to turn on the light” so I walked back and got the candle and took it with me inside the restroom which was odd because I am not use to that at all. If everyone in my house relied more on candles and less on electricity, the bill would definelty be less, and it sucks because I have to pay that bill at home, since I am the only one from my siblings that work. It was a great activity because it gives you an idea of how people lived when electricity was not yet invented and this is an activity I would continue to do because I really do not want to keep paying a high bill for electricity.


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