Week 5: Conversation with an Artist- Joanie Ellen


Joanie is not that typical artist that draws paintings but rather wants to bring the outside to the inside to make her piece feel alive. She did a video about her that mirrored herself saying “you’re dirty” and made a little walkway of dirt and gathered a bunch of wood tree sticks. It was a very unique video and it is not something people usually see. At first when I walked in I was surprised and a I found her piece a bit weird but when I asked her questions regarding her video, I understood more. This was her first gallery and she was very thrilled because people got to see her work. Joanie is a student at CSULB and her favorite art is woodwork. Joanie has 2 boys, a 1 year old and a 4 year old. She is from New York and decided to move to Long Bech because her husband is a Philosophy professor at Cal State Long Beach. I enjoyed talking to her because she has done a lot of traveling and it was fun conversing about her experiences at different countries. This picture is the little dirt road that Joanie established in the gallery and she did that because she wants her gallery to feel alive.


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