Week 4: Conversation with an Artist- Emily Hernandez

IMG_0286 IMG_0283 IMG_0295

I had the pleasure to talk to Emily Hernandez at the Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery this week. Emily is from Orange County and her nationality is Mexican- American but she does not speak Spanish at all because her father did not want to teach her. Her mom is white and her dad is an immigrant from Mexico. She has a sister that moved to Japan and she misses her so much because that is her only sister. Emily is 22 years old and she is graduating this semester but she is staying one more year because she will be receiving her teaching credential. She says that she plans to come back for her masters in the future but she will just let stuff play out and see what life has for her. Emily new exactly what she wanted to do right before going to college. She took her first art class when she was a senior in high school and she absolutely loved that class, at that point she knew she wanted to be an art teacher. She mentioned that she wants to be a junior high or high school teacher because she wants to help kids figure out if art is what they want to do or study art as a career. She doubts if she wants to major in art but she does know for sure that she wants to be an art teacher and her high school teacher inspired her, she wants to do the same for others. Most of her portraits are self portraits, portraits of her boyfriend, or her coworker’s pets because she did not have a model she can paint. Emily states she prefers oil paintings because it dries faster and as an art educator she wants to be interactive with others so they can do self portraits like she does. Something I found very unique about Emily is that she first decides the colors she is going to use and the colors inspire what she is going to paint. On the other hand, most painters first decide the kind of painting they are going to do then they decide the colors. She enjoys life drawings like drawings of people and ceramics and Emily prefers doing “crazy” portraits like the portrait in the gallery named “The Split” which is two cats eating spaghetti from a bowl. Emily says she gets the best portraits when her dog is asleep because she takes advantage of the position of her dog. Emily does not have a Facebook because she does not like it but she does have an instagram —> @missymonks.


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