Week 3: Instagram Selfie Day


Hello everyone! It has been a really tough week with this heat but we all managed to get through it safely. It was amazing how many pictures I seen on the group portrait and it was awesome seeing all the types of foods people ate, the stuff they did and the people they meet. I seen a lot of food pictures and I was also one who posted a food picture. It was a Chicken Salad with a gallon of water on the side. The Chicken Salad was from George Greek Café and that is one of my favorite restaurants from school because it is a bit on the healthy side, but unfortunately it is a bit pricey. I drink a gallon of water everyday because I am an athlete and my body asks for it, if I do not drink that amount each day, my body feels dehydrated and I feel weak. Another connection I noticed was that my classmates posted pictures with the best art professor, Prof. Glenn. My friend Raquel and my sister Jen took the time to talk to him and got the opportunity to take a great picture with him, he is the BEST! Many other people like myself posted pictures of the beautiful art, or the artist, or a picture with the artist, or pictures of school campus. I work, belong to clubs, participate in programs so I feel like school is my second home because I spend majority of my time at school, just like the rest of my classmates. I would have to say that the group portrait totally feels like a community because almost everyone posted similar pictures and we can all relate to one another. I believe that is what a community should look like when taking pictures, and be able to relate to one another. Relating to one another without personally knowing the person has awesome advantages because it gives you the chance to network and talk to that person and best of all it gives you a chance to make new friends. This Instagram activity made me realize how a big group of people can be connected simply through pictures, and this activity is by far the coolest because we all relate to one another without talking, but through pictures.


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