Week 3: Conversation with a Classmate


I had the opportunity to converse with Steven Argueta. Steven is a math major and he will  probably change his major but will definitely stay math related. Steven is also minoring in Film which he just claimed that officially as a minor. He used to wrestle in high school and it changed his life because he lost a lot of weight, gained work ethic, and overall learned so much. His short term goals is to maybe coach or be an assistant coach for a team in the next few years as a hobby. His long term goals are to graduate from Long beach State in 2018 or 2019 depending on how well he does in the next couple semesters. Once he graduates he hopes he can find and get a job relating to his major. He hopes he finds a job as an accountant or something else but he is not so sure yet because he still needs to develop his knowledge and he wants to make the right choice. Long Beach State was Steven’s first choice because it’s local and it’s a great school. He is not working, but he is  looking for a part time job because he complained that he is always broke just like every college student. Steven does not belong in any clubs or programs but he hopes to pledge to a Fraternity to get more involved in school, build a network, and meet new people from all over next semester. I waned to take a picture with Steven after our conversation but he was a bit camera shy so he said he was going to send me a picture of him later on, which he did because I thought he wasn’t going to send me anything lol.


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