Week 3: Conversation with an Artist- Kayla Workman



This week I had the chance to meet and talk to the beautiful and intelligent artist Kayla Workman at the Marilyn Werby Gallery. Kayla is 26 years old and is from North Dakota. She is majoring in Art Education and this is her last semester but she will be back for another year and hopefully she will graduate after that. Moving from North Dakota to Long Beach, California is an extremely drastic change, so I asked her why such a big change? She responded that she has always wanted to live the California life because of its weather and the amazing people. Moving away from family and friends is hard but she knew what she wanted to do in life and if she could accomplish that somewhere else like California then she was all for it. Kayla visits her grandparents every 6 months and she does not wish to move back to North Dakota because she loves California. She decided she wanted to major in Art Education because she had always wanted to teach especially High School photography in the Los Angeles County. She did the art pieces that were on the left hand side as you walked in the gallery. They seemed very hard to compose so I asked her what was the process on making those art pieces and she said that she divided the powder chemical, added water, and mixed them together. Once the water and the powder were mixed she transferred it over the paper and drew any figures she wanted. Once she was done drawing on the paper, she exposed the drawing to the sun and it turned blue. Conversing with Kayla Workman was different yet interesting because learning about a different person’s life and goals other than your close friends is not something you do on the daily basis.


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