Week 2: Activity Plaster Casting


Two of my classmates and myself went to Colorado lagoon to do the plaster casting, which required us to make a sculpture of our hands or feet. Once we got there it was nice and sunny, we found an isolated spot where we can all work together. We had all of our tools in our bucket, I got the shovel and dug deep enough so that my hand can fully fit. Once my hand completely fit in ( I dug a little more deeper just so that my wrist was almost into the hole )  I covered the top of my hand / wrist area with wet sand.  I took my hand out of the hole as slowly and gently as possible so that the figure wouldn’t dissolve. I then mixed white plaster and water into a bucket and poured the mixture into the hole. I waited about 20-30 minutes just so that my hand sculpture can be detailed and accurate. I set the timer and once the timer rang it was dry and hard. I started scraping sand off from the sides so that the sculpture can come out just right. I am assuming the sand was a bit hard because it was sand from a lagoon and it made the final process a bit hard. I had to use the shovel to get the sculpture out but it didn’t go so well because some fingers broke. I had an amazing time and this piece of art was fun to compose because I learned what can be made out of simple materials. This was a great experience and I will do another plaster casting with my boyfriend because it is such a great activity.


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