Hello world!

Hello World!


My name is Stefany Rodriguez and I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore and I am studying Criminology at California State University Long Beach. I enjoy meeting new people and being part of my school, so I decided to join the water polo club and the Criminal Justice Student Association. I used to play water polo during high school and I enjoyed it so much. I decided to continue playing and I thought playing for Long Beach State was a great idea. I then decided to join the Criminal Justice Student Association because it is the field I am studying and I want to become more knowledgable while meeting new people. In addition, I was also able to obtain a lifeguard job position on campus before and after class. Working as a lifeguard is not that easy because other people’s lives depend on you and some people underestimate lifeguards and call us lazy because we sit on the lifeguard chair. Not only do we sit, but we are sometimes out under the sun without any shade watching over 50 people per section and observing patrons on the pool deck making sure no one runs. If they do run and fall, we have to go out of our way and clean up their blood from the floor and put a bandaid on the injured body part. If elderly people are handicap and request for the the lift chair we have to move big heavy equipment across the pool deck to help them get in the pool safely without any injuries. Regardless, becoming a part of school has been such a great experience and not much students have that opportunity because they have other duties or responsibilities to complete. I am glad I decided to join some type of organization in school and I definitely recommend that to students that do not belong to any group or organization on school. Sometimes you have to go out of your comfort zone and do fun things, like going to a shooting range, or visiting parts around your city and making things fun and do-able. That is a little introduction about me and I hope you guys like it! I intend to use this website later in my future because it is pretty cool and writing blogs about one’s personal life can be stress relieving. The purpose for this is to feel comfortable talking about any topic and letting the world know what you think, or write down some stuff you are going through or just maybe a simple situation going on in life. Hope you guys like me!! Bye. (:


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